It’s Not A Diet!

Hello friends! Miss me? 
~A friend of mine who is also trying to lose weight posted this one day. It fits.~

(This was yesterday, I wasn’t able to get it posted.)

Instead of an update for April, you get a play-by-play of my day! Today I met my new doctor. My old doctor left the practice because his doctor wife got a teaching job. So that left me with no doctor. . .thanks. 

I knew I wanted an Internist. Using that as my search starter I found one that was not only Internal Medicine, but had a focus on Weight Management. Perfect right?  I made my appointment in January and today is the day! 

To start, her office is associated with a hospital, so her building has literally every specialist I’ll ever need. In this one visit, I already have a new GYN. Woo hoo!! Her staff was nice and diverse, which made me really happy. Where I live, you don’t always find that. They do routine EKGs…what? Um, take my shirt off and put on this gown? But I just met you. . .

The doctor comes in, she’s really thin. I mean, really thin, but good right? She’s going to manage my weight. I need that. 

We talk, she says all the things I already know. She tells me to hide my scale. I need to go by how my clothes fit. That scares me. She gave me some meds and suggested future use of something I’ve never tried. She said eat more protein. They took my measurements before I left.

The part that was concerning was that even though I told her I had intestinal pain and a family history of colon cancer, she didn’t seem concerned about doing a colonoscopy.

The good, I have to come back once a month to check in. I like that accountability. 

So, this is the next step on my journey. I just wanted to share. And now, I’ll sit here and wait for all those normal labs you have to have done when you’re doing an annual visit. (It was a long wait, over an hour.)

I hope you are all doing well with your weight loss!! 


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