The Fat Just Walks Away…I wish (Monthly Update)

It’s been a while, but I was finally able to see my doctor for my monthly weigh in and measurements.

I’ll be honest it was a hard month. A friend of mine died suddenly, and I was a wreck for most of May. I had been walking every night, but I stopped. I was still recording my food, but as we got closer to her memorial; I gave up on that. I was also not making the best food choices.  Anyway, the last week or so, I got back on track, but I was expecting the worst.  I was pleasantly surprised. I’m pretty sure there was some divine intervention involved. 

So, I’m down 12 pounds. Woo hoo!  She also said I was down 4 inches. I’m not sure where those inches came from, but I know not my belly. I sneaked a peek at the sheet and that one stayed the same.

I’m hoping that June will be a better month.

I hope you all are doing well on your journeys!! See you next month!


No pictures of me this month, but these guys are cuter anyway.


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