We’re all different, but . . .

I’m not gone! I’m still here, it’s just been a crazy few months (and the rest aren’t looking great).

I had my weigh in today. Eight lbs down, yay! Only two inches down, boo. 😦 

This was after a really disappointing weigh in last month. I had gained four lbs, and they didn’t even tell me about my inches. It was extra disappointing because I had been working really hard. So this month was a nice surprise.

I’ve been down lately. This is usually the time I give up on all this. Why? Well, I’ve lost thirty-one lbs to date.  One, I’m not going to meet my first goal of sixty lbs by November. Boo.

 Two, my in-laws came by. They cut out their snack foods–snack cakes and chocolate/candy–and no exercise, nothing extra. They have both lost a visible amount of weight, so at least twenty lbs in three months. It’s taken me serious calorie/food cuts, and a lot of exercise to lose thirty-one pounds–in more than six months. Yeah, that whole thing seems fair. 

Three, a FB friend put up a post of how she’s down thirty pounds and five sizes. What?? Five sizes? I’ve lost thirty-one lbs and wearing the same freaking clothes. They aren’t as tight, but I’m no where near being in a new size. Not even one size down. I have lost maybe two inches in my waist. How is this possible?

Before anyone asks . . . Yes, I’m doing cardio. A lot. I’m weight training, and I’m doing toning exercises. 

I’m walking, I’m doing the Beachbody 21 Day Fix workout (I actually kind of like the dirty 30, and I hate it), and I’m doing yoga. I’m also doing an arm/shoulder challenge. 

So, this, this is why I feel like giving up. BUT, I’m not going to. I’m not giving up this time. I’m just going to keep going. I’m going to add in some interval training in my walks, so that I’m walking and running. I’m looking at my nutrients more. I’m getting some protein powder to add to my meals and shakes. I’m going to keep doing this. I’m not going backwards. I may be stuck. I may not be showing progress, but I’m not gaining that thirty-one pounds back. I lost it. At some point, everything has to catch up, right?

I hope all your weight loss journeys are going well!! 


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