When I started this blog, my goal was to lose forty pounds in six months in time for my husband’s fortieth birthday. In the end, I only lost twenty-five pounds.

ONLY, right? That’s what I thought–until I gained twenty back. So, now that twenty-five pounds is looking pretty good.

How did it happen? Well, I’ve figured it out. It’s weird, and the doctor doesn’t seem to believe me when I explain it, but I know that I gained ten pounds in one weekend. It happened in May and in August. I asked myself “What was the same?”

There were a couple of things that were the same. I missed a full night sleep, so I was up for two days. I had one night of sleep and then drove overnight, not going to bed until three or four a.m., and finally, two nights of eating after six p.m. I know I gained the weight then because I had weighed the week before and the week after. Plus, my clothes fit different. Other then those times, I haven’t gained any weight, so it makes sense to me.

However, it’s on me that I didn’t lose the weight each time. At first, I thought it was water weight, but it wasn’t . . . I could have–I should have done more.

So that’s my story. I’m trying to recommit. I’ve got some new tools to help. I had toe surgery that has finally healed, got some new meds, and I’ll be getting some new shoes and orthotics this week.

It’s all about getting back into it and not giving up, right?

Good luck to anyone who is in the same boat! Have a successful journey recommitting!

~I’d love to hear from anyone else who’s had a similar experience.~


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