New Year-New Me?

I totally stole this from Mindy Kaling’s Twitter. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. They just don’t work for me. But I do need to recommit this year. 2018 has been a hard year. It started out promising but busy. We moved into a new home. The moving process was stressful, and all our structure, […]


When I started this blog, my goal was to lose forty pounds in six months in time for my husband’s fortieth birthday. In the end, I only lost twenty-five pounds. ONLY, right? That’s what I thought–until I gained twenty back. So, now that twenty-five pounds is looking pretty good. How did it happen? Well, I’ve […]

Sixty by Forty

I’ve been reluctant to start this blog. Why? Good question. Because it might make me accountable? Because I’m embarrassed? Yes. Yes to all. Someone tried to tell me I wasn’t fat, I was curvy. I’m not delusional. Curvy was like 30lbs ago and even then, it was curves and lumpiness at best. These ladies have […]